Nikita Kering’ Named November’s Spotlight Artist In Africa By Spotify
07/11/2022 17:56 in Entertainment News

Nikita Kering, a Kenyan singer-songwriter, has been named as Spotify's EQUAL Africa artist for November.


The multi-award-winning singer-songwriter was included on the list of prominent African female musicians on Monday and is described by the international music streaming service as fiery, compassionate, and confident.


The program aims to give female artists the tools and resources they need to advance their careers and engage audiences around the world through various playlists.


Nikita will benefit from off-platform support and resources as November's featured artist in order to advance her musical career even further.


Making music has always been more than simply vibes for me as a young lady, which has been a blessing. However, having to constantly keep a third eye open has been a great challenge.

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