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Museveni: We’ll reopen Facebook when they stop playing games
23/12/2022 23:06 in National News

Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, has declared that until the company agrees to his requests, Facebook would remain suspended in the nation.

President Museveni said on social media on Friday that they have already voiced their concerns to the social media behemoth and are waiting for their compliance. This came after a meeting with media officials and journalists from various Ugandan media outlets.


"We have complained about our issues with Facebook. We have no issues opening Facebook if they are being worked on "He tweeted something.

After the government accused Facebook of failing to adequately police hate speech and misinformation spread online before the elections that caused a wedge between Ugandans, Facebook's operations were halted in the East African country in January 2021.


Most National Resistance Movement (NRM) accounts were suspended once it was determined that they were likely false.


Museveni has subsequently ordered that the accounts be returned, but despite repeated attempts to negotiate with Facebook, no agreement has been reached.


Museveni has stated that "life continues on" and that the impasse between the government and Facebook won't obstruct the country's advancement.


"At least, life has not come to a complete halt as a result; Boda Bodas are operating normally, and commuter cabs are operating as usual. Life goes on"

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