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Airtel launches eSIM in Kenya
23/02/2023 23:13 in Tech News

Airtel Kenya, a telecommunications services provider, has announced the debut of the integrated SIM (e-SIM).

Customers will be able to access the same functionality as those who use physical SIM cards thanks to the digital SIM, which cannot be physically removed from the phone.


The e-SIM has various advantages over traditional sim cards, including the ease with which it can be set up online, its environmental friendliness, and the ability to use two numbers without the need for two phones/handsets.


"With the introduction of e-SIM in Kenya, Airtel continues to stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, providing customers with increased convenience and flexibility while championing technological advancement and creating innovative platforms and opportunities that will make life easier," says Airtel Africa CEO Segun Ogunsanya.


Customers who wish to switch their current physical sim cards to e-SIM must first check that they have a compatible device by dialing *#06#, acquire the requisite QR code, and be guided through a SIM exchange process by an Airtel support representative.


Airtel's Managing Director Ashish Malhotra says "consumer expectations are evolving and we are certain that our customers will rapidly move to our e-SIM for what it gives."


"Mobile consumers value digital convenience, thus as a company, we will continue to enable digital transformation in order to provide the whole customer experience," added the Airtel MD.


After rival Safaricom, Airtel is the second telco in the country to launch the e-Sim.

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