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President Ruto: 2,800 government services already digitised
03/03/2023 23:04 in Tech News

President William Ruto recently declared that 2,800 government services are now available online.


Speaking at the National Youth Service (NYS) pass out parade in Gilgil on Friday, the Head of State stated that his administration will guarantee that all government services are fully digitised in order to provide Kenyans with smooth service delivery.


"Our efforts to transition all government services to digital services are on track. "We started with 300 services and three months later, we have 2,800 government services online, and we are on track to ensure that all government services will be available online on a digital platform in six months," President Ruto stated.


President Ruto praised NYS for playing an important role in the digitalization effort, noting that the government will use automation and technology to ensure that all other services are digitalized over the next six months.


"We will employ automation and technology to give effective government services to all citizens from wherever they are, without having to queue or wait in any office," President Ruto declared.


"I applaud the National Youth Service for its commitment to improve government service delivery by giving employees to assist in digitization, automation, and online migration of government services."


President Ruto stated in November of last year that his administration was trying to move 90 percent of government functions to digital platforms within a year.


According to the President, the measure would also make doing business easier because residents will be able to obtain their licences online.


"We have roughly 15% of government services in the digital platform, and we want to assure that within six to twelve months, we will have migrated 90% of government services to the digital platform," he said.

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