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Cristiano Ronaldo denies allegations he cheated on Georgina Rodriguez
05/03/2023 23:28 in Entertainment

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Al-Nassr football club, has firmly disputed charges that he betrayed his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez after the Portuguese media alleged that he had an affair with Venezuelan blogger Georgilaya.


Georgilaya said that the incident occurred last year, on March 25, 2022, while the Portuguese squad (captained by Cristiano Ronaldo) was preparing for the FIFA World Cup in 2022.


The former Manchester United player is alleged to have spent the night with Georgilaya in room 312 of the Solverde hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia, northern Portugal.


Georgilaya claimed that Ronaldo invited her to his room after she took selfies with him and other soccer players.


According to The Sun, he posted on Instagram. "When I saw the message, I assumed that if I went there, we'd just talk and get to know one other better, and maybe I'd get another picture. I had no idea there was more to that situation.


The truth is that it did occur. It was accepted on my part, but I felt deceived by Cristiano Ronaldo's popularity and power "The model stated.


Georgilaya believes she is haunted by remorse over the romance since she cheated on her husband by sleeping with the footballer.


She also stated that she does not desire 'celebrity or money' and disclosed text messages from Ronaldo and his friends, including Jose Semedo.


After the charges were revealed in Portugal's Correio da Manh, the five-time Ballon d'Or winner swiftly refuted them.


"This is entirely incorrect and defamatory," his spokeswoman stated. Ronaldo's family claimed that the allegations were made only for the purpose of garnering publicity.


Since 2016, when they met at the Gucci store in Madrid, the Real Madrid icon has been seeing his current partner Georgina Rodriguez.


Georgina is currently a model, and she and Ronaldo have three biological children and three stepchildren.


Following the Portuguese star's two-year move to Saudi Pro League team Al-Nassr, the couple relocated to Saudi Arabia in January 2023.


Their move gained notice after Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez violated a law that prohibits unmarried individuals from living together.

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