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Xtian Dela's mother appeals for his return after four years
05/03/2023 23:39 in Entertainment News

Margaret Nyongesa, the mother of renowned social media personality Xtian Dela, has publicly requested that her son be allowed to come home.


Dela has been missing for four years, according to Nyongesa, and even his siblings have been unable to contact him. Nyongesa revealed her fears in a popular video clip uploaded on Twitter, claiming that she has been unable to contact her son because he has blocked her.


"He stated he was very busy, and I haven't heard from him since. He has disabled my access. Let him know his mother wants to visit him wherever he is. "It's difficult to stay for four years without seeing your child," said Nyongesa.


Nyongesa stated that she recently contacted Dela's baby mama, Fatma Banj, with a message requesting Xtian to see his family for an urgent problem, but she received no response. Dela's extended family has expressed anxiety regarding his whereabouts, citing the fact that he has missed previous family funerals.


Nyongesa claimed that she noticed her son's unusual activity on social media and thought it was inappropriate. She was surprised to see that he had blocked her, prohibiting her from contacting him.


"I couldn't believe it when others showed me how my son was behaving on social media. I had reared this person well. In fact, he used to sing in a Gospel band with me when I was younger. I, too, am a singer "Nyongesa explained.

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