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Karangu fire back at trolls after asking Kenyans to financially support Mama Jeff
17/03/2023 21:00 in Entertainment

Trolls are attacking popular Akorino musician and philanthropist Peter Karangu Wa Muraya after he released a Paybill to help Mama Jeff after her kid died tragically.


According to a tweet by Karangu, the Paybill number was put up to assist Mama Jeff in being able to pay her attorneys who are assisting her in obtaining justice for her 23-year-old son.


Several followers are mocking him minutes after he shared the tweet, claiming he is profiting from the situation.


Karangu has recently reacted, requesting that his fans support Mama Jeff.


"I believe that some people are exploiting the Jeff problem to fight others....last week, after speaking with mama Jeff, I wrote here on my wall and requested that if you are supporting the course, we should also financially assist mother Jeff, more than 1.2 million called me names, na nikanyamaza,....


Now, my friend Ev mercy nungari from the original page asked me to post the paybill, and I've seen the same folks call me names....


Continue to disrespect me, but keep in mind that what goes around comes around "She said.


Cate Maleli: If you know you can't help, kindly don't utter any word, those bitter words you utter may cost you. Let's help mama Jeff to get justice of his son.


Lilianlewisky Kamau: If Dj fatxo friends are forming groups to support their own, then Kenyans should support ma Jeff to get the best lawyer. #justiceforjeff.


Diana Raven Mukami: We are very emotionalbear with our madness until we get back to normalcy once justice is served Ithe Wamuraya.


Loise Karanja: Very true, people are so selfish & pretending like they don't know how much case cost.

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