Harmonize to become a Christian, Christina Shusho reveals
17/03/2023 21:08 in Entertainment News

Christina Shusho, a veteran gospel singer, has opened out for the first time about what they discussed with Harmonize last year when they unexpectedly met in Kenya, and Harmonize went to her and kissed her feet.


Shusho told a Tanzanian news station that after the deed was captured on camera by the paparazzi, they retreated to a private room and had a longer talk.


Shusho expressed her delight at hearing from the musician that he enjoyed listening to her evangelical music.


"I got the opportunity to sit and converse with him, and he said something that really struck my heart. 'Sister, I truly appreciate your songs; when you sing them, you educate us about God, you guide us to know God without forcing us; you give us the choice to follow God or continue with our affairs,' he stated." Shusho quoted Harmonize's heartfelt sentiments.


He further stated that the musician finished by telling her in an honest manner that he hopes to see her at church one day because of the encouragement he receives from her songs.


"It causes me to listen to your songs a lot because I'm curious about what you're singing. And I'm confident you'll see me at church one day "Shusho paraphrased Harmonize.


Harmonize is a Muslim, while Shusho is a Christian who just joined her church last year.


Harmonize's announcement that he would one day join the church and Shusho is an indication that he is considering converting his religion from Islam to Christianity.


Shusho stated that Harmonize's comment provided her great inspiration, and she realised that her music touched many people and brought them closer to God.

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