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Drama as 2 men carrying Bible undress, climb tree inside Nakuru Central Police Station
17/03/2023 21:17 in National News

Two men caused a disturbance outside Central police station in Nakuru on Friday morning after they undressed, climbed a tree and started 'preaching'.


On Thursday night, the men attempted to climb a tree on their approach to the police station, but were apprehended and chased away.


They returned, undressed, and climbed a tree near the police station.


Attempts by police authorities to get the men to dress up and come down from the tree were ineffective.


The authorities then had to block off the area in order to encourage the males to dress up.


After 11 hours of attempting to convince the guys to come down from the tree, they finally did, but they resorted to sitting in a corner of the police station without saying anything.

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