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UDA supporters to storm raila's karen residence on monday
18/03/2023 19:51 in Politics News

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has revealed detailed plans to disrupt the planned mass action on Monday coordinated by Raila Odinga, leader of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party.


According to UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala, the idea is to march to Mr. Odinga's Karen home as he leads his own supporters to State House.


Malala stated that he will personally lead UDA supporters to Karen, requesting that Ida Odinga, the opposition leader's wife, provide enough tea and fish "when our visit to her house on Monday."


"As you conduct what you call peaceful rallies at State House, we will conduct peaceful demonstrations at your home," Malala declared on Saturday.


The UDA Secretary General was speaking at Machakos University's amphitheatre as part of a meeting with Machakos County party delegates to educate them on the upcoming grassroots elections.


He told the opposition leader that the government would provide him with adequate security during the protests, but reminded him that State House is a protected area and hence a no-go zone.


Malala warned the former premier against enabling his supporters to engage in violence and property destruction.


He went on to promise UDA followers across the country that the upcoming party grassroots elections will be free and fair, free of what he dubbed dark-suited political brokers.


He stated that individuals seeking county seats must be elected at the electoral polling station level, and that party leader and President William Ruto's objective is to establish UDA a national party that is inclusive of all areas.


He said that party registration will be done both manually and digitally, and he urged as many people as possible to join the ruling political party.

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