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DCI Detectives confirm Jeff Mwathi was murdered
18/03/2023 20:06 in Crime & Investigation

Significant progress has been made on the case one week after investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) took over and launched a new investigation into Jeff Mwathi's strange death.


According to homicide police working on the investigation, the 23-year-old interior designer was murdered rather than jumping to his death, as previously reported.


The DCI detectives further stated that their findings, following scene reconstruction and forensic examination, show obvious traces of a battle inside Mugithi singer Lawrence Njuguna alias DJ Fatxo's house.


The police mentioned the likelihood of a scuffle before Mwathi was dragged outside and thrown from the rooftop or the steps of the 12-story building flat.


In ruling out suicide, the detectives suspect Mwathi was murdered before being thrown over to conceal the crime and make it appear to be suicide.


Initially, it was reported that Mwathi jumped from the bedroom window, however this was ruled out because an adult cannot fit into the window's tight window frames.


On Friday morning, homicide investigators investigating Mwathi's death provided an update, stating that the procedure included interrogating the first group of witnesses in the case, forensic analysis of the location, and retrieval of CCTV footages that caught the deceased's final moments.


Investigators said they are now moving on to the second phase of the investigation, in which many people of interest will be questioned and suitable recommendations will be made to the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).


The sleuths stated that the next phase's persons of interest will include all five people who were at DJ Fatxo's residence on the morning of February 22, 2023 when the incident occurred.


Police personnel who handled the matter first, according to DCI, will also be questioned.


Following directives from Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki, DCI homicide detectives took up the case from Kasarani Police Station last week.

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