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We will not reward impunity, President William Ruto insists
20/03/2023 19:04 in Politics

President William Ruto has stated that impunity will not be tolerated in the country.


He stated that Kenya will be ruled by the rule of law and that everyone must follow the constitution.


"Nothing illegal will be part of what we do as a country," he insisted.


"When we exercise our individual rights, we must be mindful not to infringe on the rights of others."


He was addressing on Monday at State House in Nairobi, where he saw Solicitor General Shadrack Mose's inauguration.


The President expressed confidence in Mr Mose's ability to provide leadership based on his experience, competence, and understanding of the law.


"Give leadership and guarantee that the Government receives the appropriate legal direction to carry out its job," he said.


He requested that the Solicitor General advocate for a suitable legal framework that will improve Kenya's global competitiveness.


"It is our obligation to ensure that we attract as much foreign direct investment as possible. We aim to borrow less money while doing more for the country."


The President stated that once Kenya has gained the trust of international investors, it will be able to reduce its reliance on unneeded borrowing.


He directed Mose to guarantee that the Government receives the greatest legal assistance possible at all times.


"Every award given to the government is an award given to Kenyans. We aim to make merit-based prizes."

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