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DCI issues statement on arrest of Lavington resident over disputed land
21/08/2023 10:09 in Lifestyle

In response to recordings showing detectives detaining an elderly man in Nairobi's Lavington district over what appears to be a disputed plot of land, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has released a statement.

In one of the videos that Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai uploaded on Saturday, the man is handcuffed by police, who then accompany him to a car while claiming to be taking him to the DCI offices on Kiambu Road. The detectives claim they do not require a warrant to arrest him when questioned by his family.


The man's daughter claims in another video tape posted by activist Boniface Mwangi that after her father was arrested, unidentified individuals entered the family's property and started building a fence on the land she has lived on for 27 years.


Online Kenyans were outraged by the episode and attacked the investigation team for not following the law.


And in a statement released on Sunday, DCI called the film a sketchy depiction of a significant event. According to the agency, Munir Ahmed Chaundri, a 75-year-old Kenyan citizen currently residing in the UK, filed a complaint that led to the arrest.


According to DCI, Chaundri alleged that Mahesh Kumar Bhatti and Anita Bhatti had unlawfully claimed ownership of the parcel.

Detectives believe that Chaundri claimed to have bought the land in 1977 before renting it to a construction firm connected to the accused in 1984.



They gave the aforementioned TM-AM corporation a portion of the land in 1987. 3. The land was divided into two pieces, LR. Nos. 209/7771/1 and 209/7771/2, which were sold to Mahesh and Anita Bhatti and kept by the complainant, respectively, according to the statement.



The late Malkiat Singh Assi visited Kenya in August 2006 and spoke with Mahesh about selling their parcel of property to TM-AM (Mahesh), who turned down the offer. To provide security, they did agree that TM-AM would erect a perimeter wall enclosing both plots with a permanent gate.



According to DCI, Chaundri reported the incident in February of this year, alleging that the couple had refused to allow him access to the property on previous occasions.


Detectives further stated that the suspect in the case had not offered ownership records for the in question parcel of land.

The prosecution of Mahesh Kumar Bhatti and Anita Bhatti for the offense of coercive detention in violation of section 91 as read with section 36 of the Penal Code was ordered by the director of public prosecution after taking into account the aforementioned facts. The suspects were given a court date to appear and defend themselves against the alleged offenses, according to the investigating agency.


"The facts and evidence that will be presented before the court in the coming days will show the truth, despite the unfounded stories that went viral on social media,"

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