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Governor Johnson Sakaja and M P Babu Owino exchange blows in the last 24 hours
17/09/2023 17:31 in Politics News

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino have been clashing over the past 24 hours on social media, censoring each other over service delivery in the city.

The two lawmakers set X Street, formerly Twitter, ablaze with insults on Sakaja's dashboard during his first year in office.


The fight was covered by a media outlet on Friday, which reported that Sakaja was ranked among the worst-performing governors.


Babu later commented on Saturday's post criticizing Sakaja by claiming that all he did during his tenure was embezzle county funds and buy houses abroad.


“Sakaja is an embarrassment to the people of Nairobi. How could you be ranked last out of 47 counties? Kazi ni Kuiba pesa Za Nairobi County and bought houses in the US, London, and Dubai,” Babu wrote.


"On top of that, he increased taxes on the people of Nairobi. Even corpses were taxed. Nairobi imeisha, Dimples ndio imebaki, " Imekataa kuwork.”


A subsequent report published by another media outlet reported the same, and prominent lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi reacted and called it a false report.


Governor Sakaja later responded to Ahmednasir's sentiments, saying that Nairobi had witnessed one of the major transformations under the new government.


To name a few, he listed the progress he has made so far and added that “the headlines do not match the underlying condition.”


"I see notes like that and laugh. Nairobi has collected its highest revenue in five years, paying 7,640 community health volunteers (CHVs) monthly since August last year, building the first intensive care unit, the 2nd kidney unit, and the 1st NICU, recruiting 2,500 green staff soldiers, building "10 kitchens to feed 250,000 children and 88,000 children on the paved roads, installing street lights, and awarding scholarships worth Ksh 1 billion (compared to Ksh 3 billion over 10 years), for the first time scholarships are awarded per semester,” he wrote. He added that he increased projects in the ward from Ksh 17 million to Ksh 23 million per ward, built markets, and restarted projects that had stalled over the past six years, among others.


His complaints were not over, as he added that he had reconstituted all hospital boards and recruited CEOs for all level 5 hospitals, paid off excess debt of KEMSA (Ksh 185 million), and restored supplies worth Ksh 244 million to all facilities.


"...the completion of the blocked stadiums (Dandora) and the start of work at the city stadium, Woodley, Mwiki, etc., won the PPP Waste to Energy (45 MW) solution Dandora, completed into water projects to add an additional 140 million liters per day, plus secured funding (100 million euros) for North Collector 2 and Maragua 4 to add an additional 220 million liters to the people; the list is endless. end," he declared.


In a swift rebuttal, Babu called Sakaja's sentiments a lie, saying the amount allocated to the wards was much less than what he claimed to have paid to the MCA.


"Stop lying; you gave MCA 1,200 scholarship forms at 5,000 each, which is equivalent to 6 million shillings and not 23 million Ksh as you requested. Each parish was supposed to get 23 million shillings per year for scholarship; where is Ksh. 17 million shillings per year per parish for 85 wards = Ksh. 1.4 billion shillings?” Babu asked. Responding in a fiery tone, Sakaja tried to detail how the money would be disbursed while censuring Babu for distorting the truth.


“If you remove the white stuff blocking your nose, you will realize that there is a difference between scholarships and neighborhood development funds (WDF),” Sakaja wrote.


“The scholarship is Ksh 7 million per ward (85 wards) (Ksh 2.5 million for the 1st quarter, Ksh 2.5 million for the 2nd quarter, and Ksh 2.5 million for the 3rd quarter). Instead of Ksh 4.5 million. Each district received Ksh 23 million from WDF for development, not grants. Up from Ksh 17 million.


Babu, who had participated in the unarmed brawl, responded with an even greater attack.

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