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Two fishermen die after fighting over Sh15 cigarette
17/09/2023 18:35 in Crime News

A fight over a cigarette worth Ksh15 ended tragically after two fishermen at Nyagina Beach in Homa Bay County died.

A fisherman stabbed his colleague to death while fighting over a cigarette. Soon after, the remaining fisherman was killed by the crowd after stabbing his colleague to death.


The fisherman, identified as Sikuku Odiko, used a knife to stab his colleague Geoffrey Ngoje in the chest. It was after a drunken exchange over a cigarette.  Trouble started when Geoffrey bought a cigarette worth Ksh15 from one of the shops on the beach and started smoking near Sikuku.


According to Rusinga East site Manager Mboya Owuor, Sikuku tried to borrow a cigarette, but Geoffrey ignored him.


Owuor said the two men exchanged heated words before Sikuku pulled out a knife and stabbed Geoffrey in the chest, killing him instantly.


The manager claimed that residents who witnessed the incident attacked Sikuku with rocks and other crude weapons, killing him instantly.


Police arrived on the scene, and both bodies were taken to Homa Bay Mortuary.

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