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Kenya, Korea govts conclude second stage of EIPP projects
20/09/2023 20:02 in Tech News

The governments of Kenya and South Korea have announced the successful conclusion of the second phase of the Economic Innovation Partnership Programme (EIPP).


The programme aims to accelerate the development of Konza Technopole, marking a new step towards realising this ambitious vision.


The first phase of EIPP projects, starting in March 2022, has laid the foundations for the development of the technopolis.


Key initiatives undertaken during this phase include the development of a smart city master plan, a feasibility study focusing on an integrated control centre with a focus on security operations, the establishment of smart transportation, and consulting to create a dynamic startup ecosystem. in Konza Smart City.


Speaking at the final reporting session held in Nairobi, Mr. Ik Hyun Eom, CEO of KOTRA Kenya, praised the strong bilateral relationship between Korea and Kenya.  He expressed satisfaction with the successful implementation of EIPP projects and expressed the expectations of both Governments for an equally successful third phase.


“Our aim is to deepen cooperation by promoting public-private partnerships so that the Korean business community can also participate in the development of Konza Technopolis,” he said.


Mr. Eom emphasised the importance of Konza Technopolis in the East African region upon its completion, describing it as a symbol of technological innovation and standards.


John Paul Okwiri, CEO of the Konza Technology Development Agency (KoTDA), highlighted the key role of the recently discovered smart transport corridor connecting Konza City and Nairobi.


He emphasised that this corridor will not only boost trade but also improve connectivity within Nairobi and surrounding areas. Konza Technopolis is expected to become a strategic logistics hub connecting Nairobi and Mombasa once this project is completed.


EIPP is the Korean government's expanded cooperative financing model, focused on promoting mutually beneficial relationships between partner countries and Korea.


The funding is provided in kind and supports identified projects for a maximum period of three years. The main objectives of the programme include developing medium- and long-term development strategies, improving legal frameworks and systems, and developing infrastructure planning and financing strategies.


Kenya-Korea EIPP 2022–23 was implemented through the coordinated efforts of the Korea Trade, Investment, and Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Konza Technology Development Agency (KoTDA).

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