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Morocco: Children trek to tent school following earthquake
20/09/2023 21:01 in Africa News

Some students from the disaster zone around Asni went to the small Moroccan town to go to school.


But the building is not ordinary. Classes take place in traditional tents set up as temporary facilities for 2,800 middle and high school students.


“The site has 32 large tents for students, 16 tents for middle school students, and another 16 tents for professional high school students,” explained art teacher Khalil Tizoula.


Many young people flocking to the school tent have lost loved ones in the recent devastating earthquake in Morocco. And even if classes have not yet officially resumed, teachers are still providing children with the distraction and psychological support they need.


“Initially, we identified 242 schools affected by the earthquake, 33 of which were completely destroyed,” explained Mohamed Zerrouki, provincial national director of education.


“The authorities have taken the necessary measures to rebuild them as quickly as possible while ensuring the continuation of education and the return of students and teachers to their classrooms.”


According to the United Nations, young people studying at a temporary school in Asni are among the millions of students affected by the earthquake.


Teachers say that despite the shared trauma, they hope to be able to help the children and make the school year a success.


For some students, returning to school with friends was a relief, even if it meant being in a tent. However, others say their emotional pain is so profound that they don't feel ready to return to school.


In any case, at the end of the school day, most children have to walk a long way or, if they are lucky, take a car back to their hometown.

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