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Kenya's anti-gay bill proposes 50-year jail term
20/09/2023 21:04 in National News

Kenya is considering the Family Protection Bill 2023, which could introduce a 50-year prison sentence for non-consensual homosexual acts.


Sponsored by Homa Bay Township legislator Peter Kaluma, the bill seeks to ban homosexuality, same-sex unions, and LGBTQ activities and campaigns. It also intends to ban parades, meetings, marches, and gay dressing in public.


Under the bill, those who engage in non-consensual homosexual acts could face a minimum prison sentence of 10 years and a maximum of 50 years. Owners of establishments used for same-sex relations could be fined $14,000 or sentenced to seven years in prison if the bill becomes law.  This development follows recent anti-LGBTQ protests organised by clerics and civil society organisations in Mombasa.


It also comes after the Supreme Court of Kenya upheld a mid-September ruling allowing the registration of LGBTQ NGOs, overturning a decades-long dispute with the Gay and Lesbian Rights Commission. national femininity, registration was rejected by the Kenya NGO Coordinating Council.


The Supreme Court's ruling earlier this year found such discrimination unconstitutional, marking a major milestone for LGBTQ organisations in Kenya.

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