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Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza survives impeachment again
09/11/2023 21:59 in Politics News

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has survived an impeachment attempt for the second time.


This was after a majority of the 47 senators disavowed one of the seven charges brought against her by the Meru District Council, which voted unanimously to remove her from office.


Governor Mwangaza has been accused of misappropriation of county resources, nepotism and unethical practises, intimidation and defamation of other leaders, usurpation of her statutory powers, contempt of court, unlawfully naming a public road after her husband, and contempt of the Meru District Council.


After two days of hearings on her impeachment, 47 senators took a pivotal votearound midnight on Wednesday, voting on each of the seven charges against Governor Mwangaza.


 Regarding the crime of embezzlement of the first district's resources, 19 senators voted to impeach him while 28 voted in favor.

 As for the second charge of nepotism and unethical practices, five senators convicted her while 42 senators were unhappy with the charge as the reason for her impeachment.


   Three senators found her guilty of threatening, defaming and disparaging other leaders, and 44 found  her innocent.

Lawmakers are almost evenly divided on accusations of illegal appointments and usurpation of statutory powers.

Twenty senators declared her guilty, and 27 affirmed her innocence.


On the charge of contempt of court, only three senators convicted her, while 44 voted in favour.

Regarding the scandalous charge of illegally naming a public road after her husband, four senators considered the charge a serious basis for her impeachment, while 43 senators rejected the charge.


In the end, 10 senators accused her of contempt of the County Council,, and 27 of them said the reason was baseless.

After the vote, Senate President Amason Kingi ruled: “The results of the division show that the Senate does not endorse any of the impeachment charges.


Pursuant to Article 181 of the Constitution, Section 33(8) of the County Government Act,, and Rule 87 of the Senate Rules, the Senate has failed to remove Governor Kawira Mwangaza from his functions by impeachment.

and therefore the governor continued to exercise his functions.


"If a majority of the members of the Senate vote in favour of any impeachment charge, the Governor shall cease to hold office, pursuant to Section 33(7) of the Impeachment Act.

 county government.

This is because this is the second time the governor has escaped impeachment by the Meru District MCAs, with whom she has been at odds since assuming office.


She was first impeached by the National Assembly in December 2022, but was a special member of the 11-member Senate Committee appointed to investigate the grounds for her impeachment.


The impeachment committee submitted a report stating that none of the charges against her were substantiated.



 On Wednesday night, before the Senate once again gave him a political lifeline, the governor pleaded with the House for forgiveness and a second chance Delivering the final verdict before the lawmaker who did not vote on his fate, Mwangaza,,, in a bad mood,,, regretted his behaviour towards the District Council members, deputies,,, and senators, asking them to step in and ask for forgiveness.

 “I pray to God to give me more energy and grace... na Mungu anipe kuvumilia kwingi to see the people of Meru happy.


 Dear MPs, Deputy Senators of this House,  MCAs, Deputy Speakers... if I have done wrong to any of you, please forgive me." Mwangaza said.

"I was elected as an independent governor; I knew I needed the MCA.


I tried my best and will continue to try my best to ensure that I get to work with people.

No one is an angel, nor are we angels;;;; eachof us has our own weaknesses.


I pray to God that those weaknesses may have been addressed. Please help me so thatwe can work together as a team and make everyone's people happy.

Then she begged, "Thank you, and I pray that you give me a second chance.

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