Drama in Mumias West as MP Salasya's microphone snatched mid-speech
12/11/2023 21:49 in Politics News

A Sunday administration at the Bukaya Catholic church in Mumias West, Kakamega Region, came to a halt as Mumias East MP Peter Salasya got into an issue with a man who accepted to be an ally of Kakamega lead Governor Baraza.


Pressure began when the Mumias East Solon took to the tribune to discuss the revival of the Mumias Sugar Organisation and changes in the sugar area when an unidentified man surfaced from the group to get the mouthpiece from the MP.


A conflict of clench hands resulted until the police got the ball rolling to reestablish the rule of law to permit the congregation Harambee to go on as expected.


Mumias West MP Johnstone Naika was the host of the occasion, while the speaker of the public get-together, Moses Wetangula, was the primary visitor, joined by Governor Barasa.

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