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Section of residents now want a probe into Njiru land ownership
20/11/2023 19:21 in National News

The High Court has ordered the occupants of the disputed Njiru land belonging to the family of the late politician Gerishon Kirima to serve their court documents on all parties involved in the case and come home. judgement for other instructions on January 24, 2024.


In this case, the residents are seeking an injunction in the case where they are challenging the court's decision that they will be released from the disputed land at the end of this year. The residents want the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to take up the matter and investigate how Kirima acquired the land in the first place.


In a petition filed in court, the residents wanted the court to issue an order to compel the DCI to examine the documents filed in court and show who,​​​​between Kirima and Italian Dominico De Masi, who has the right to the disputed land. The residents, through lawyer Danstan Omari, said they want the DCI to examine the family documents submitted by the alleged former owner of the land, the late Italian Dominico De Masi, to show whether the owner's rights have been properly assigned. Christmas.


They also wrote to the National Land Commission to investigate the ownership of the land. The new decision was made on October 23 by the circuit judge in the circuit court, Samson Okong'o, who named former Starehe MP Gerishon Kirima as the owner.


Okang'o gave the squatters until December 31 to vacate and hand over the land to Kirima's family. The residents said that the case as it stands, if it is done, will affect them a lot and damage the economic development of the area.

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