Eugine Wamalwa NADCO member rejects committee's final report
26/11/2023 20:07 in Politics News

Eugene Wamalwa, a member of the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) and the leader of the Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K), has expressed disagreement with the committee's report, insisting that the alleged allegations are important concerns related to the cost of living.


While addressing a congregation at the Catholic Church in Tingolo, Busia County on Sunday, the former Secretary of the Ministry of Defense promised not to sign the report and refused any meeting related to it. “I have not and will not put my signature on the NADCO report and I have not and will not accept any seat for it because I believe we have not done justice to the most important issue for Kenyans; cost life," he said.


Wamalwa was not the only Azimio director to express concern about the NADCO report. Martha Karua also questioned the report, promising to reject it if it ignores issues such as the cost of living, electoral justice and respect for pluralist democracy.


"Any so-called agreement that has no direct impact on the cost of living, electoral justice and respect for the majority democracy is a fraud on the people and must be rejected," Karua said. and X Sunday. Karua's resignation follows a warning from the head of the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) party about street protests if the report fails to meet expectations.


On the other hand, President William Ruto accepted the advice of both groups while speaking in Kahawa West. He approved a 50% cut in government spending proposed by the negotiating committee, supporting officials to move Kenya forward.


"They gave advice; all these advices were accepted. Since they said we would reduce public spending by 50%, I have done that. Those who are asking for a 30% reduction, I suggest they increase it to 50% so that Kenya can move forward. We must learn to live the way we can live," he added.


The committee, chaired by Kalonzo Musyoka and Kimani Ichungw'ah, presented its report on Saturday, November 25, outlining various recommendations. In particular, they proposed a tax cut for road maintenance and the fight against counterfeiting.


"NADCO recommends that the national government eventually hand over all the services provided and provide the corresponding resources to the local governments," the committee's statement said. However, issues such as reducing VAT on gasoline and removing council tax remain contentious.

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