USA: Man charged with voluntary manslaughter after killing a homeless man in Southern California
26/11/2023 20:19 in World News

A Southern California man accused of shooting and killing a homeless man he woke up to block the driveway was filmed, the Orange County District Attorney said.


Craig Sumner Elliott, 68, was jogging on the afternoon of September 28 with his two dogs in Garden Grove, California, when he encountered Antonio García Avalos, 40, who was sleeping in the middle of the road.

According to the newspaper, the judicial office said Elliott, who was in her stroller, pushed Avalos with the car in an attempt to wake her up and spread her around, according to the release. The sleeping man woke up and started yelling at Elliot to get away from him, the affidavit said. Elliott, who is charged with voluntary manslaughter and self-inflicted gunfire, is accused of taking a gun from her stroller, according to the release.


CNN was unable to locate contact information for Elliott's attorney. The attorney's office said Elliott had an active concealed carry licence from the Orange County Sheriff's Department when the shooting occurred.


Authorities said in the release that video taken by Elliot shows Avalos standing up and throwing a shoe at Elliot, who ducks to avoid the shoe.

Seconds later, according to the release, video shows Elliot shooting Avalos three times. Avalos later died from his injuries, according to the release. Garden Grove police arrested Elliot on a warrant on November 17 and released him after posting $100,000 bail on November 20.

Elliot is scheduled to appear in court on December 15. He faces a maximum sentence of 21 years in prison, according to the prosecutor.

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