Speaker: Wetang'ula bans Kaunda suits in Parliament
28/11/2023 21:45 in Politics News

Speaker of the National Assembly, Moses Wetangula, has since prohibited members of parliament from wearing kunda suits within the chamber.


Wetangula on Tuesday cited Speaker's Rules, Rule 9, which specifies the appropriate attire for Members of Parliament. According to Wetangula, parliamentarians will no longer be permitted to enter some areas of the building, such as the dining room, lounge, chamber, or commuter rooms, if they are not dressed appropriately.


Wetangula stated that Kaunda suits, commonly referred to as Mao Zedong jackets, are inappropriate dress for the House, even though he acknowledged that his predecessors had permitted MPs to wear them.


"My forebears never had a problem with Kaunda suits.From now on, it is forbidden to wear anything other than what is specified in Speaker's Rules Rule 9. Including Kaunda outfits with or without sleeves, he stated.


"Rule 9 must be followed by all members not only in the chamber but also in committees, lounges, and dining areas."


Speaker Wetangula contended that since the traditional dress code of Parliament was gradually being replaced by new fashion trends, the regulations needed to be adhered to in order to maintain order in the House.


The speaker stated, "It has become necessary for me to deviate from what has been obtained regarding the admission of Kaunda suits as appropriate dress. My predecessors have had no issue with Kaunda suits, arising from emerging fashion trends that now threaten the establishment of Parliamentary dress codes."


"I take this precaution to avoid undermining the established norms, particularly in light of the present inclination among members to wear loose clothing. This practise is obviously out of keeping with the gravity of the House and its committee hearings.


The Speaker simultaneously outlawed traditional and cultural clothing, as well as headgear and caps, for men.


"Men are not allowed to wear hats or caps in chamber or committee meetings. It is not allowed to wear traditional or cultural clothing in the eating rooms, lounges, or chambers," the statement read.


Men should dress appropriately in a coat, collar, tie, long sleeve shirt, long trousers, socks, shoes or service uniform, while women should dress in business, professional or smart casual clothes, according to Parliamentary dress codes

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