Prince William calls for climate action at Tusk Awards
28/11/2023 22:52 in World News

Prince William of Britain attended the Tusk Conservation Awards on Monday, which were hosted in London.


Three conservationists were honoured on Monday night by the awards that celebrate those who struggle to safeguard wildlife in Africa: Fanny Minesi of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ekwoge Abwe of Cameroon, and Jealous Mpofu of Zimbabwe.


In his remarks, Prince William, a steadfast supporter of the Tusk charity, urged action on climate change.


"There must be no let-up in our collective efforts to stem the terrifying loss of species and habitats we are all bearing witness to," he stated.


"Those living in Africa emit just a quarter of the emissions of the average global citizen," the prince stated. "However, the consequences of climate change are expected to be disproportionately severe for the African continent. However, we are able to alter this. Furthermore, the tales you've heard this evening are hopeful and upbeat."


In its eleventh year, the awards ceremony has recognised 55 conservationists from 20 different nations.



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