Police officer attacked while fueling vehicle in Kisumu
23/12/2023 19:44 in Crime News

Four individuals attacked a police officer from the Nyamasaria police post in Kisumu County; one of the attackers had an AK-47 weapon.

The event is said to have happened on Saturday, December 23, at 4:35 AM at the Hub Petrol Station on the Kisumu-Nairobi route.


A police report states that the assailant pulled out an AK-47 when the officer, who was in route to check on patrolling policemen in Kisumu County, pulled over to refuel his GKB 110A/KBQ431Q.

The attacker fled in the car, driving toward Nairobi, leaving the cop, who had been thrown from the car, with minor injuries to his right leg.


A black laptop bag with a police radio set, a police note book, a personal mountain bike, and a brown wallet with an ATM card, an identity card, an NHIF card, and a police certificate of appointment are among the stolen things from the automobile.


Detectives from the Kisumu office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations are now conducting investigations.


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