Youth hold protests in Nairobi to support affordable housing project
28/12/2023 21:13 in Lifestyle

A group of youth on Thursday flocked the streets of Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) protesting the court injunctions against the Affordable Housing Project.

The protestors marched through Moi Avenue, Tom Mboya Avenue, and Kenyatta Avenue as they chanted ‘haki yetu’ slogans, pledging their support for the controversial law.


They also held placards showing their support for the housing levy.

The demonstrators claimed to be the beneficiaries of the Affordable Housing Project, including sand harvesters, architects, masons, and slum dwellers.


The High Court last month shot down the housing levy, declaring it unconstitutional.


During the ruling on petitions filed challenging the Finance Act 2023, Justice David Majanja ruled that the court has found the levy to have violated Article 10, 2(a) of the constitution.


"We find that the introduction of the housing levy amendment to Section 84 lacks a comprehensive legal framework in violation of Article 10 of the constitution; that levy against persons in formal employment without justification is discriminatory and irrational," Majanja read in his judgement on behalf of a three-judge bench.


However, the court granted stay orders restraining the quashing of the affordable housing levy until January 10, 2024, after a request by the respondents in the case.


Following the ruling, parties have come out to back the high court decision, with the government vowing to appeal the decision.

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